Got Data?
Now What?

Produce reports with just a few clicks and start optimizing production line.

On many production lines, the use of machine vision images is for basic pass/fail determination...

One database. All production data for every part.

QualityWorX collects manufacturing data from plant floor devices and stores it into a single database, providing a complete birth history record for every assembled part.

Data connectors push data from any source – any test system, PLC, tool controller or database – into QualityWorX’s fast, efficient Microsoft® SQL Server® database. Complete, detailed information on virtually all manufacturing data on a part-by-part basis is collected including:

  • Full process signatures and all of their associated data, unique to QualityWorX
  • Pass/Fail status
  • Scalar feature values and specification limits
  • User-defined, part-specific process parameters
  • Defect & repair data
  • Manufacturing line configuration

QualityWorX can also share the data with ERP or MES systems. Collection of the data provides complete traceability and using the analytical and reporting tools that are part of the QualityWorX suite, you can easily retrieve and manipulate the data to get actionable information.