The best technology to control and monitor
manufacturing processes

sigPOD is an in-station process monitoring and data acquisition platform that uses advanced signature analysis to track manufacturing processes, deliver real-time pass/fail feedback and provide the most advanced and reliable defect detection.

Standardize testing across the line

Instead of managing, maintaining and buying spare parts for multiple types of test systems, sigPOD provides a single platform to use across the production line. It can be configured for virtually any test and comes with templates for standard applications such as press-fit monitoring, leak or torque testing, or sound and vibration analysis. Common software across the platform and the same look and feel on each system reduces the learning curve for all users.

Flexible, powerful, affordable

Scalable from 2 to 24 channels, sigPOD offers many features with its intuitive, easy to use software interface, including easy storage and retrieval of historical data, advanced limit management functions, and a comprehensive SPC toolset for trending, histograms and statistics. sigPOD can be used in networked operation and easily communicates with PLCs.

Review the model list or product literature for specifications.